On-demand Skills Videos

Pre-recorded bite-size videos under 10mins. Learn on the go, no time is wasted.

Mentoring Sessions

Easily learn from the great minds through 1-1 and 1-many approaches.

Tailor-made Content

A learning design tailored to your company's needs.

Upskill your team to create true business impact

Learn from the best industry experts in tech, business, wellness, and more.

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Flexible and personalized learning

Develop learning paths for each employee. Take advantage of sofasoda courses to build hard skills or learn soft skills. Individuals can tailor sofasoda to their unique needs and achieve meaningful outcomes.

Better Skills, Better Team

Not Sure Which Course To Take?

Ask one of our advisors for a custom-made business learning solution.

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Engaged experience your team will love
Hands-on learning

Utilise the techniques and frameworks of industry experts. Through our robust content library, your team will learn faster with guided instructions and knowledge.

Soft skills development

Having an engaged and happy workforce makes a team stronger. Ensure your team is equipped with soft skills such as leadership, effective communication, stress management, and critical thinking.

1-on-1 coaching and mentoring

Get practical advice from domain experts. The team will have the opportunity to interact with professionals from more than 20 industries and gain practical knowledge.

User Learning Performance

Content Usage Tracking

Data Export & Trend Analytics

Track and measure skill development

Learn what skills your employees are interested in and how they engage with the learning content. Our admin tools make it easy for you to leverage data and insights to design learning strategies for your team.

Custom learning solutions

As your partner, we make it easy for you to drive effective impact at your organization. Our learning experts will create a learning solution that fits your needs and addresses your challenges.

What is sofasoda?

sofasoda is an extension of Snapask that trains young professionals to become future leaders. We provide a competency-based digital learning experience to prepare learners today for the world of tomorrow.

We create exclusive content with mentors and experts from world-class companies. Also featuring entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators from various domains sharing their insights.

What topics are covered?

We encourage competency-based soft skill development and personal growth to get you ready for the fast-changing world. With sofasoda, you can find answers to the problems young professionals face every day.

Could we have more interactions with sofasoda's mentors?

Mentors regularly collaborate with us to host on-site training, live workshops, questions and answers, and live chats. Get in touch with an advisor for more information.

Stay tuned for upcoming team-focused courses
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