Colours define a huge part of brand identity
Critical Thinking

We use the colour Critical Thinking as primary colour to convey our professional image.
Critical thinking is not mockery.
Aside from guiding you in problem-solving, we also hope to help you see beyond the surface of an issue and learn to think one step ahead. Gaining perspective will allow you to know more about yourself and your environment.


We use colour Innovative as a high light colour to stand out from competitors.

It is not unrealistic.
With our grasp on the latest industry trends, we give up-to-date suggestions and learning methods. Easily keep up or get ahead of others in your career. 


Companionable usually used as background colour.

It's not prying or nosy.
We care about you just like friends and family do. Come to us when you are in need of support or advice. We will help you sort through worries and get back up on your feet again.

Talent Gathering

An accessible, not unattainable, talent gathering.
Too shy or too busy to network in real life? Reach out to industry pros in our network. Exchange your ideas or concerns with them and hear what they have to say.


Trustworthy, but not stern or rigid.
For hard skills, we make sure the resources and information provided are reliable. We also understand it takes more to advance careerwise, so we tailor our advice according to your situation and work environment. Trust us to help you uplevel both hard and soft skills. 


Vigorous and energetic, but not reckless.
Of the same generation, we know what it feels like to be frustrated when thinking of the future. We use our own experience to guide and coach you, letting you cultivate what you need. 

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